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About Jean Buet

I have two passions in life: travelling and photography.


I have long believed that they were opposites, that taking photos while traveling created a barrier, a distance between people. Identifying me as a "tourist" ...

In fact, we are tourist even without a camera! … but tourists are present and well received all over the world ...

So I took "my gear" again ... and I rediscovered contacts and emotions while travelling.


My motto could be "a good photo is one step further away".


It is this step outside the beaten path that makes you stop in this village of Malagasy stone breakers, both surprised and happy to see a foreigner interested in them.


The photo is also this eye contact, that smile before taking a photo, followed by the laugher shared when seeing the photo. What better exchanges?


Come and share my passion for wandering in extraordinary landscapes, meeting such exceptional, ordinary people. Without forgetting the big wild animals: Grizzly bears, Great White Sharks, Tigers, Lions, Rhinoceros, Chameleons, Whales, Orcas ... and much more.


Come with me to places that are little known and sometimes difficult to access, even hostile. Sit back and come right to the edge of volcanoes, deep in the deserts, next to dangerous animals ...


So, if thanks to my photos, I have managed to share with you even a very small part of these emotions, of these dreams, I will feel honored and fulfilled.


Don’t hesitate to come back. Please Share!

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