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Legal mentions of the site

it's very long... but it's mandatory. So I summarize: I only collect the data that you fill out through the forms on this site.

You can at any time ask me to remove you from the list( or Contact page). 

I'm not disclosing your data.

Nevertheless, this site is hosted by Wix, which collects technical data at least for statistical purposes and technical improvement. Wix use cookies.

Now here are the details...

Please Note that only the French version of this document is valid. This document is an automated translation from the French version, for information purpose only.

SITE LEGAL MENTIONS ( In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of Act No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for Trust in the Digital Economy, known as L.C.E.N., it is made known to users and visitors of the site these legal mentions.

The website is available at  www.  (the site). Access and use of the Site are subject to these "Legal Mentions" detailed below as well as applicable laws and/or regulations. The connection, use and access to this Site implies the full and unreserved acceptance of all the provisions of these Legal Mentions.

ARTICLE 1 - LEGAL INFORMATIONS: Under Article 6 of Act No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, this article specifies the identity of the various stakeholders in the context of its implementation and follow-up.

A. Site Editor: The website is published by:  Jean BUET  domiciled in  Luisant 28600  Email address:  below "The Publisher"

B. Editor-in-Chief The Editor is: Jean BUET  Email address:  below "the Editor":

C. Site Host The site is hosted by: Wix, headquartered in Wix: Inc. Address: 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158 Phone: 1-415-639-9034 below "The Host"

D. Users: All users who browse, read, view and use the site are considered users. Below are the "Users"


A. COLLECTED AND METED FACTS In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the European Regulations 2016/679, the collection and processing of the data of the users of the site respects the following principles: Secularism, loyalty and transparency: data can only be collected and processed with the consent of the user who owns the data. The user provides this information with full knowledge of the facts, especially when he enters it on his own. Whenever data of a character staff will be collected, the user will be told that their data is being collected, and why their data is being collected; Limited purposes: data collection and processing are executed to meet one or more objectives identified in these legal references; Minimizing data collection and processing: only the data necessary to properly execute the site's objectives is collected; Time-reduced data retention: Data is stored for a limited time, which the user is informed of. If the shelf life cannot be communicated to the user; Integrity and confidentiality of data collected and processed: the data handler is committed to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected. In order to be lawful, and in accordance with the requirements of Article 6 of the European Regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of personal data can only take place if it meets at least one of the following conditions listed: The user has expressly consented to the treatment, The processing and collection of personal data is necessary for the purposes of legitimate and private interests pursued by the person in charge of the processing or by a third party. The personal data collected on the site is: Email address, Name, Country - phone, mode payment details and transaction details. This data is collected when the User performs one of the following operations on the site: from Users with Paying Services, relating to a consultation or usage session (IP address, geolocation and/or unique device identifier), concerning linked third-party accounts (such as email or username related to a PayPal account, Google or Facebook), scanned identification documents provided to us (such as identity cards, driver's licenses, passports or official company registration documents), correspondence (including those made through or sent to our Services) and any other personal information provided to us by Visitors and/or Users accessing and/or using the Services. In addition, when paying on the site, it will be kept in the computer systems of the Site Editor a proof of the transaction including the purchase order and invoice. The processing manager will keep all the data collected for a period of time in his computer systems on the site and under reasonable security conditions as long as the account remains active. Data collection and processing meets the following purposes: We collect this information, impersonal and personal, for the following purposes: To provide and operate the Services; To develop, customize and enhance our Services, based on the common and personal preferences, experiences and difficulties of Visitors and Users; To provide our Users with constant customer support and technical support; To be able to contact our Visitors and Users with general or personalized service notifications and promotional messages; To encourage, sponsor and propose certain contests, events and promotions, determine the eligibility of participants, monitor performance, contact winners, award prizes and rewards To create aggregated statistical data and other aggregated and/or deductive impersonal information that we or our business partners can use to provide and improve our respective services; To improve our data security and fraud prevention techniques; To comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The following data can be transmitted to the following listed third parties: Wix has partnered with a number of selected service providers, whose services and solutions complement, facilitate and improve His. These include server hosting and colocation services, communication and content delivery networks (CDNs), computer security and data services, billing and payment processing, domain name registrars, fraud detection and prevention services, web analytics, email distribution and monitoring, session registration and remote access, performance measurement, data optimization and marketing, content delivery and our legal and financial advisors (jointly, "Third Services"). These third-party services may receive, or otherwise have access to, the Personal Information of our Visitors and Users and/or Users of Users, in whole or in part - depending on each of their particular roles and objectives in facilitating and improving our Services and our business, and they will only be able to use them for these purposes. Notice that although The site Can Include links to other websites or services, we are not responsible for the privacy practices put in place on these websites or services. We encourage you to keep this in mind when you leave The site and read the privacy statements of each and every website and service you visit before providing your Personal Information. Wix reports personal information that is received under the guise of Privacy Shield and subsequently transfers to a third party as described in the Privacy Shield. Wix remains particularly liable under the Principles of the Privacy Shield, that the third agents he recruits to treat Personal Information on his behalf would do so contrary to the Principles, unless Wix proves that he is not responsible for the events that gave rise to the damage.

B. HEBERGEMENT OF DONNEES As mentioned above, the site is hosted by: wix, headquartered at Wix Inc. Address: 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158 The host can be contacted at the following telephone number: 415-639-9034 Data collected and processed by the site is transferred to the following country: to the following United States of America, Europe (including Lithuania, Germany and Ukraine), Israel, and other jurisdictions, depending on the constraints inherent in the proper delivery of our Services and/or legal requirements (as explained below). This transfer of personal data outside the European Union is justified by the following reasons: The data is hosted in the United States because its head office is located there.

The person responsible for processing personal data can be contacted at the address or through the Site Contact page.  

D. PERSONAL DONNES OF MINOR PERSONS In accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the European Regulation 2016/679 and the Computer and Freedoms Act, only minors aged 15 and over can consent to the processing of their personal data. If the user is a minor under the age of 15, the consent of a legal representative will be required so that personal data can be collected and processed.

E. USER RIGHTS AND PROCEDURES OF THE USER RIGHTS In accordance with the regulations regarding the processing of personal data, the User has the following rights listed. In order for the data handler to grant the request, the user is obliged to communicate to him: his first and last name as well as his email address. The data handler is required to respond to the User within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days.

Right to access, rectification and right to be forgotten:  The user can review, update, modify or request the deletion of the data about him, following the following procedure: If you are a Visitor or User of the site,and you wish to receive a copy, access to, and/or ask us to make corrections on, Personal Information you have stored with us (both yours and those of your users Users), or request the details of personal information (if any) about you, which we have disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes, contact us by email( through the Contact link of the site. contactez-nous par mail ( We will make reasonable efforts to quickly satisfy your request (unless we need additional information to satisfy your request), subject to legal considerations and other authorizations.

Right to dataportability. The User has the right to request the portability of his personal data, held by the site, to another site, following the following procedure: If  you wish to receive a copy, access to, and/or ask us to make corrections on, Personal Information you have stored with us (both yours and those of your users Users), or request the details of personal information (if any) about you, which we have disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes, contact us by email( through the Contact link of the site. contactez-nous par mail ( We will make reasonable efforts to quickly satisfy your request (unless we need additional information to satisfy your request), subject to legal considerations and other authorizations.

Right to limit and oppose data processing Finally, the User has the right to request limitation or to object to the treatment of its data by the site, without the site being able to refuse, except to demonstrate the existence of legitimate and compelling grounds, which may prevail over the interests and rights and freedoms of the User.

Right to determine the fate of the data after death The user is reminded that he can arrange what the fate of his data must be collected and processed if he dies, in accordance with Law No. 2016-1321 of October 7, 2016.

Right to refer the matter to the competent supervisory authority In the event that the data handler decides not to respond to the User's request, and the User wishes to challenge this decision, he is entitled to refer the matter to CNIL 7 (National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms, or any competent judge.

The person in charge of the processing is committed to protecting the personal data collected, not transmitting it to third parties without the user's knowledge and respecting the purposes for which the data was collected. The site has an SSL certificate to ensure that information and the transfer of data transiting through the site are secure. In addition, the data handler undertakes to notify the user in the event of a correction or deletion of the data, unless this entails disproportionate formalities, costs and procedures for the user. In the event that the integrity, confidentiality or security of the User's personal data is compromised, the processing manager undertakes to inform the User by any means.

G. COOKIES The site eventually uses "cookie" techniques to process traffic statistics and information, facilitate navigation and improve service for user comfort. For the use of "cookie" files involving the backup and analysis of personal data, the user's consent is necessarily required. This user's consent is considered valid for a maximum of 13 (thirteen) months. At the end of this period, the site will again ask the user's permission to save "cookie" files on its hard drive.

The user's opposition to the use of "cookies" files by the site It is brought to the user's knowledge that he may object to the registration of these "cookies" by setting up his navigation software. In the event that the user decides to disable the "cookies" files, he will be able to continue browsing the site. However, any site malfunction caused by this manipulation could not be considered to be due to the site editor.

Description of the "cookies" files used by the site The Site Editor draws the user's attention to the fact that the following cookies are used when browsing: Cookies: To work well, some of these technologies require a small data file ("cookie") to be downloaded and stored on your device. By default, we use several permanent cookies for session and user authentication, security, retention of user preferences (e.g. for language and default settings), login stability (e.g. for online media, use of e-commerce functionality, etc.), monitoring the operation of our services and business campaigns , and, in general, the delivery and improvement of our Services. If you want to delete or block any of these cookies, refer to the support and support area of your Internet browser for instructions on how to locate the file or directory in which it is stored. Information on the deletion or control of cookies is also available on that this website is not provided by We, and therefore we cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness or availability). Note that deleting our cookies, or disabling cookies or tracking technologies, may prevent you from accessing certain areas or features of our Services, or affecting your user experience in different ways. Transparent Gifs: We and some third-party services can use a software technology called transparent GIFs (or invisible web tags/pixels), which allows us to improve our Services by measuring their effectiveness and operation. Transparent gifs including small graphics with a unique identifier, working in a similar way to cookies, but they are not stored in your device but rather integrated within our Services. Flash and HTML5: We and some third-party services may also use certain tracking technologies known as "Flash Cookies" and "HTML5 Cookies," especially for advertising purposes. Different browsers can offer their own management tools for removing and blocking these technologies. For more information on Managing Flash Cookies go to: (note that this website is not provided by We, and that we cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness or availability). Targeting/retargeting Behavior: Some third-party services and ad networks may display ads on our Website or on Mobile Apps and Apps Wix, or manage our advertising on other sites. These partners can use certain tracking technologies to collect certain information about your activities on Services and various third-party services, to provide you with targeted ads based on your interests and preferences. You can choose to opt out of receiving targeted ads from certain advertisers and networks. Note that this does not give you the choice not to receive all the ads and that it only allows you to choose not to receive the specific ad. You will continue to receive advertising that you have not chosen to no longer receive. User Data Supplement: We may receive data about you from other sources, including publicly available or third-party databases from which we have purchased data and combine that data with information we already have about you. This helps us update, expand and analyze our archives, identify new customers and offer products and services that may be of interest to you. When we obtain your Personal Information from third parties, we ensure that these third parties are contractually committed to informing you that your Personal Information is disclosed to us and we take steps to ensure the accuracy of your Personal Information before using it. If you provide us with personal information about other people, or if other people give us your information, we will only use this information for the specific reasons why it was provided to us. "Do Not Track" signals: Note that we are not changing our practices in response to a "Do Not Trace or Do Not Track" signal emitted in the HTTP header from a browser or mobile app.

ARTICLE 3 - ACCESSIBILITY The Site is, as a result, accessible to users 24/7, unless interrupted, programmed or not, for maintenance or force majeure. If the Site is not accessible, it undertakes to do its utmost to restore access. The Site cannot be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from its unavailability.


The site or its administrators cannot be held responsible for direct and indirect damage to the user's hardware, software or data when accessing the site


The site or its administrators may also not be held liable for indirect damages (such as a loss of market or loss of a chance) as a result of the use of the site.


Interactive spaces (possibility of asking questions in the contact area) are available to users. The site reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, any content deposited in this space that would contraviar to the applicable legislation in France, in particular the data protection provisions. If necessary, the site also reserves the possibility of questioning the civil and/or criminal liability of the user, especially in case of messages of a racist, offensive, defamatory, or pornographic nature, regardless of the medium used (text, photography...).

ARTICLE 5  LOI APPLICABLE AND JURIDICTION These Legal Mentions are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute and in the absence of an amicable agreement, the dispute will be brought before the French courts in accordance with the rules of jurisdiction in force.

ARTICLE 6 - CONTACT For reports of illegal content or activities, the User can contact the Publisher by email( through the Site Contact link. par mail ( The website  www.  wish you great navigation!Translation into English.

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