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  • Jean Buet

Travel to China, this picture can save your life ...

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

For the first time in all my travels (around 70 countries) I found myself in great difficulty to communicate. Even on very basic notions. The subtlety of intonations, the words which change meaning according to the context and people who do not understand that one does not understand Chinese, make that communication is impossible there. I remember a taxi driver to whom I had shown the card of my hotel (accessory more than essential) asking me to confirm the destination on his GPS in Chinese. I then took out my GPS (in English) and we compared the shape of the streets to agree that it was indeed the right destination. The problem is that there are sometimes emergencies! So after a hot alert due to too much trust in Google Translate, we found the real solution.

So if you are going to China, keep this photo on your phone. This will save you some stress ... I take this opportunity to thank the Chinese who really have a lot of public toilets, generally very clean. Also, the paper (if there is some) is usually at the entrance. Not in the stall…


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